Deborah Anne McKeown

I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, and a Registered Aroma Therapist.

I am fully licensed and carry insurance in the province of Ontario.

When I first started massage I decided that I would be the vessel or catalyst for the personís own healing process.

I work with all these modalities and the gifts that I receive from my intuitive nature. For many years now I have been drawn to helping people that may not have ever gone to a clinical setting for traditional massage. That is why I do trade shows and outdoor events. It gives me the opportunity to be present in a place that people feel more comfortable with experimenting with what a professional massage may feel like. In this setting people can try a short massage and see if it is something they want to invest in further. Many of my clients enjoy the variety of disciplines that I can bring to their session.

Ms. McKeown lives in Toronto with her husband, 3 cats, and her dog.

Scarborough, Ontario
Phone: (416) 819 - 3694

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